Water Soluble


Our Water Soluble is created via a proprietary emulsification process aimed to reduce particle size and achieve a stable water-soluble product that integrates into countless production processes and applications while adhering to food industry standards.

The finished product remains stable for more than 12 months while maintaining an optimal taste and aroma profile, quick absorption rates, and homogeneity that allows for near-perfect dosing and accurate label claims.


Appearance: Clear, white, or slightly yellowish crystalline powder
Odor: No significant odor
Consistency: Fine Powdered crystal
Taste: Mild


Appearance: Translucent off-white liquid
Odor: No significant odor
Consistency: Thin, water-like
Taste: Mild



Price Pre 1KG

1 - 10


11 - 25


26 - 50  $925
51 - 100  $900
101 - 499  $875
500 - 1000  $850
1001+  $800

Note: Contact us for purchases more than 11kg at sales@jkdistro.com