Frosted Lime



San Joaquin Valley, CA


Frosted Lime is an late harvest finishing strain, with classic myrcene dominant terpene profile. This strain runs from light purple to deep indigo, and has BIG dense sticky buds that produce copious amounts of oil.  


Our Central Valley & Coastal farmers raved how these stout plants stood up to Santa Anna Wind and yielded a prolific yield! We’ve compared our Frosted Lime to several national growers(CO, OR, TN & KY) and our Frosted Lime is far Superior!


This beauty eats up the California Sun and harvested just after Halloween 2019. Provides a nice relaxing lift, great for anxiety and very great smoke with tea or coffee. 


Taste - Skunky, pungent citrus flavor with light vanilla notes 



  • Feminized
  • 60% Sativa  |  40% Indica
  • Harvest: mid-late September
  • CBD: 14-18%

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