Cali Kush


 Sonoma Coastal Region, CA


  • Total Cannabinoids: 19.30%
  • CBD: 15.70%
  • Total THC: 0.64%
  • Δ9THC: 0.09%

Primary Terpenes

β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene

Grown in


Cali Kush brings with it flavors of sweet dank funk, peppery and is a great smooth strain for day or night. 

Our Sonoma Valley farmers were satisfied with both the yield and resin production of the cultivars. Low seeds and beautiful AAA nugs.

Cali Kush is a early fall yielding sun loving potent balance and taste when smoked. Great with wine tea or coffee.


Taste – Sweet Funky with light lemon/citrus notes 



  •  Feminized
  • 65% Sativa  |  35% Indica
  • Harvest: mid-late September
  • CBD: 14-18%

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